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About Cheryl – Owner of Myotherapy & Massage

I have worked with many people living with pain, from runners, boxers, gym junkies, weekend warriors, to chronic pain sufferers. I am part of the Wild Bill Nasio Team, which consists of coaches, promotors and myself. My job is to iron out functionality issues, keep him moving correctly and help him rehabilitate injuries. Wild Bill Nasio is currently the Australian heavy weight boxing champion.

I started in the massage industry with a certificate in massage over 30 years ago in 1985. In the 1990s I studied remedial therapy at the Natural Therapy College in Burleigh, and today I have an associate degree in the musculoskeletal sciences. Having worked alongside naturopaths, chiropractors and other gyms around the coast, I am now working from a fantastic gym on the Gold Coast.

Myotherapy uses remedial therapy mixed with sports injury rehabilitation, grade 1&2 mobilisations, exercise therapy, cognitive chronic pain treatment and lifestyle management. In addition I use risk management assessment and correctives based on the FMS and SFMA systems and clinical reasoning and testing. I also incorporate dry needling, myofascial cupping, massage, Tens machine, cryotherapy, EFT, and more in my treatments to help relieve pain and stress.

What I like about what I do right now is that my advice and treatment is evidence based and that it is current. You can have confidence that I am continually researching what works, and keeping up to date with any advancements in my field.

CALL ME! Come and discuss your issues with me, I’m very approachable and I will see if I can help. This work is my passion and what I love to do is help people, so come and see me or call me for a chat. I can effectively help relieve pain and give you direction as to what to do next.