Childcare Available








As an added extra,  Myotherapy and Massage offer FREE Childcare! In Myotherapy and Massage’s association with the Goodlife Health Club Gym. They make the  Childcare Facility available to all my clients at Nerang. This can of course only be booked whilst you are booked into a Treatment session with us. How great is that!

This is only available in the mornings on weekdays.  Children Under 2 can only be booked for 1 hr but for older children that can be up to 2 hours.  Ages are from  There is a 5 minute padding time after Treatment to pick them up.  You don’t even have to be a member of the Goodlife Health Club Gym to use this service.

If this is a service you could definitely do with Tell me ahead of time, when you make your booking perhaps, so I can make the arrangements.

The Staff at Active Kids Childcare are  professionally qualified Mums and meet all the standards of safe childcare in Queensland.

The childcare is situated   inside Goodlife Gym Nerang, as is Myotherapy and Massage Clinic Room.