4 Benefits of Remedial Therapy

When I Initially came to Cheryl I was off work with painful spasms down the side of my trunk, with recommendations from the doctor I went to a remedial therapist for my back pain. Cheryl cured me that day and I returned to work the next day, I have other issues too which I have had for a while, with my right shoulder, Cheryl tested all the muscles in the shoulder and also found carpel tunnel in my wrists and also found some issues with my left hip Cheryl has helped me resolve my shoulder and given me some great advice. I will be back, as she has me feeling wonderful and optimistic for the future”.Jan

1. Assist a wide variety of health disorders

Remedial massage therapists are trained to assess the body, observe changes and design individual treatment plans for each client. In addition to correcting any injuries, postural or joint issues, regular treatments also assist in helping a wide variety of health disorders. This includes insomnia, anxiety, back pain, headache and a variety of chronic pain throughout the body.

2. Reduced stress

One of the most noted effects of massage is a greater feeling of relaxation, both physically and emotionally. Remedial massage therapy encourages the release of endorphins that reduce stress levels and promotes relaxation, while reducing the production of stress-inducing hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine.

3. Greater sporting performance

Remedial massage therapies are focused on repairing muscles and tendons that have been damaged, knotted or impaired in any way – majority of which are a result of undertaking sporting activity.

In enhancing recovery and decreasing recovery time, remedial massage can thereby improve athletic performance at all levels.

4. Alleviation of recurrent pain

Whether it’s back pain, headaches or stiff joints, there are some recurring pains that won’t go away despite our best efforts. Regular remedial massage treatments CAN HELP. Based on individual assessments and regular post-treatment monitoring.  Cheryl can help determine if Remedial  Massage is the best treatment option for you

Everyone benefits from massage, especially for general relaxation or muscle tension caused by exercise or lifestyle activities.

Once you see what great benefit massage is you will want one as often as you can.  Making it part of your well being routine, same as regular exercise like doing yoga and eating right  are all GREAT lifestyle choices to be the best you can be. 

Make the time; 1 hour each week or fortnight  especially if you suffer from chronic musco-skeletal pain or tension headaches, lower back pain and stiffness or similar, or if you are an athelete.  

Remedial Therapy will guide the body to faster recovery. Helping direct more attention to areas in need.  Bringing circulation back to those tightened muscles and aiding in detoxifying, and loosening the body with modalities including lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, mobilization and ties it all together with warming Swedish techniques.Remedial

The body is a wonderful mechanism, be kind to it