Myotherapy is not remedial therapy just like physiotherapy is not myotherapy! Physiotherapy for example has remedial massage as one treatment option, but does not encompass the whole treatment.
“Myotherapy is a skilled, hands on manipulation of areas of the body like tendons, inert tissues, ligaments myofacia and muscle. But that,s not all.

Myotherapy is a one stop shop. It combines a range of healthcare practices including clinical assessment, rehabilitation for injuries, past and present. It deals with effects of acute and chronic pain from:

Physical muscle pain and general pain management techniques,

Psychological-cognitive behavoral- social elements of treatment,

Lifestyle education, adjustments,

Functional correctives and progressive exercise.

Whats in it for you?

What it can do for you is solve your short term and long term pain. Symptoms like sciatic pain, headache, shoulder pain, arthritic pain symptoms, disc degeneration, fibromyalgia, elbow and lower limb tendinopathies can respond really well to Myotherapy treatment. Myotherapy can get to the bottom of the problem, it has the ability restore joint movements to their normal functioning and get you moving better.

The key to resolving long term pain is to look at how you move. Do you harbor any faulty movement patterns from past injuries, do you feel stuck or tight in how you normally move? Its not enough to just stretch, its not enough to build strength and get back into the gym. Pain and dysfunction can be complicated, it involves layers of social, emotional, mechanical and neural layers. When posture and movement show improvement , lasting relief can be achieved.